CFQ Qigong 超 意 返 还 功

Scientific Research

CFQ is a complete healing system consisting of practical self-healing tools to reconnect the mind to the body, restoring health and harmony in the body, mind and spirit.  As an ‘un-doing’ and 'letting go' approach (as opposed to adding new energy or information) CFQ reverses the normal hardening and compacting pattern of aging and disease, allowing muscles, joints and organs to open, release and realign.  CFQ offers methods to unload the stresses of habitual thoughts, emotions and traumas of the past to reclaim wholesomeness and resilience.

*2019 Research Article: OBM INTEGRATIVE AND COMPLEMENTARY MEDICINE, Volume 4, Issue 2
Case Series of Multiple Health Benefits in Those Undertaking Extended Qigong Practice
as a Complementary Self-care Practice in an Outpatient Pain Clinic

Conclusions: This case series reveals multiple health benefits of extended qigong practice. Given that these occurred in those who practiced the most, one of the barriers to potential health benefits achieved by qigong is commitment to the practice. In appropriate circumstances, health care professionals can recommend qigong as a complementary practice for successful chronic pain management.

*2017 Qigong and Fibromyalgia circa 2017

*2016 Qigong and Chronic Pain: Three Cases of Pain Resolution, Other Health Benefits and Improved Vision with Long-term practice of Qigong

This is a report of the experiences of three individuals with chronic pain and multiple other health problems who undertook instruction in CFQ Qigong and went on to practice over extended periods of time (hours/day, 8-15 years). All three report resolution of their chronic pain and multiple other health problems, as well as improvements in vision, during the course of their long- term practice. Health benefits occurred progressively over time. Improvements in eyesight were gradual. These experiences indicate that long-term (CFQ) Qigong practice can transform health trajectories and individual lives in those with chronic pain.

*2015 Clinical Perspectives on Qigong and Health

*2013 Research Article: Extension Trial of Qigong for Fibromyalgia: A Quantitative and Qualitative Study

Conclusions: Diligent practice of CFQ, a particular form of qigong, produces sustained benefits in fibromyalgia as indicated by quantitativeassessments in core domains for fibromyalgia. Qualitative comments indicate health benefits in other areas as well. Benefit is related to extent of practice.