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              Private Retreats are offered on an ongoing basis (mid-June through mid-October) in a small cabin surrounded
              by forest near Wakefield QC, half an hour north of Ottawa ON.  The cabin is equipped with wood stove,
              butane cooking stove, dishes, pots, pans, utensils, bed and pillows, linens, blankets, water dispenser and sink. 
              Outhouse and outdoor shower/bathing facilities are nearby.

                          A private retreat would be ideal for you if you:
                              - would like to unplug and deepen your connection with nature
                              - crave some quiet time in a peaceful, sacred and natural environment
                              - would like a sanctuary for your own personal or silent retreat

             -Cabin rental $50/night, $300/week      

             -For longer-term stay with private training/appointments or custom arrangements,
              we can create the program together to suit your needs.

             To inquire or to book a private retreat, contact joehiscott@gmail.com